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Ovation of the Seas New Zealand – Vlog day 1 – Embarkation

Join us on our embarkation day onto the Ovation of the Seas. Today, we explore the ship, look at our rooms and go for a relaxing night spa!

Ovation of the Seas New Zealand cruise for 12 nights in February 2019.

Music by Joakim Karud



  1. Hello! Loved the video! I will be going on Ovation during Summer and I had a question. Am I able to carry my luggage on myself? Or do I have to give it away and have it delivered. Thanks 😊

  2. I literally got off the explorer of the seas yesterday that went to fiji and I’m goin on ovation of the seas to nz next yr in February so I’m very excited and keen to change up the shops bcos I’ve been on explorer and voyager both twice and they are pretty much the same

  3. Glad that i also experience this luxury ship of royal carribean last year

  4. I went on Ovation of the seas in November last year was my first cruise and i loved it, it's a massive ship!

  5. I’ll have to wait a very very long time before I am platinum class.

  6. Nice one, will be on her in 6 weeks Trans-Pacific…Can't wait!!!


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