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Stunning Beauty on Australia and New Zealand Cruises | Princess Cruises

Epic landscapes, colorful cultures and laid-back charm — that’s what you’ll get on an Australia and New Zealand cruise with Princess Cruises. Not only are we the number one cruise line in Australia, we’ll take you to its golden beaches, rugged outback, world-class cities and beyond. And onboard, we’ll delight you with local food and entertainment as you set course for wonderful new discoveries.

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  1. Looks absolutely beautiful!! One correction though has to be made. Koala's are not bears. They are marsupials.

  2. Doing this cruise sept to nov . Princess is great Can't wait .

  3. expensive af

  4. They illegally dump petrol waste into the ocean and have pleaded guilty for doing it for over 13 years. BOYCOTT PRINCESS CRUISES

  5. Ah, I so wanted to do this cruise or Europe this year, we will have to wait a few years now, baby on the way. Gonna be hard to not cruise for a few years.


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