Mediterranean Cruise Ports: Strategizing Time in Port

More Mediterranean Cruise Ports: In this travel class, Rick Steves guidebook co-author Cameron Hewitt shares a port-by-port rundown of the top Mediterranean cruise destinations, covering tips and strategies for making the most of your limited time on land for Barcelona, the French Riviera, Florence, Rome, Venice, Dubrovnik, Athens, the Greek[…]

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Booze Cruise Cooler Party 2014 Barbados

This is the official after movie of Booze Cruise Cooler/Paint Party2014 Take in the highlights of epic vibes. Must do for Cropover. Edit Sean Padmore Video BY: Luke Blanche Fraser, Marvin Eversley & Eric Headley All Rights Reserved To Song Writers & Composer Of The Songs And melodies source

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Carnival cruise line changes the drink package

Carnival cruise line changes the drink package. We always get worried when cruise lines change something but I think this change is not too bad. Carnival drink package’s are some of the best offered out there. Let’s take a look at the Cheers drink package by carnival cruise line and[…]

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Disney Fantasy Cruise | Sweet on You | Meeting Santa

Join us for Vlog 7 aboard the Disney Fantasy Cruise. Today we walk around the ship and stop in Sweet on You, meet and take pictures with Santa and other Disney characters in their special Christmas attire. Watch as we take an animation class and draw one of the most[…]

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