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American Cruise Lines – Maine Coast & Harbors

People have been drawn to the spectacular coast of Maine throughout history. As your small ship winds through scenic rivers, sparkling bays and historic harbors you’ll discover the undeniable magic found along Maine’s coast. From Boothbay to Bar Harbor, Camden to Castine, your journey brings you to charming ports famous for shipbuilding, dramatic national parklands, bustling lobster wharfs, and the summer vacationlands of the gilded age. You’ll easily discover that a Maine Coast & Harbors cruise on a small ship is the ideal way to explore this state’s splendor.

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  1. K… what genius came up with the idea of playing golf on a ship? Give that man a medal!

  2. We love American Cruise Lines! Great video showing the intimate ports of Maine and the beautiful scenery that awaits you.

  3. You captured it for sure.


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