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First time on a RIVER CRUISE | Traveler's Guide and Expert Advice 2018 – 2019 (MUST KNOW)

Greeting Travelers!
With well over 30 river cruise lines in operation along the waterways of Europe, Africa, Asia and South America, it has become increasingly difficult to answer one of the most basic questions travelers ask: How are each of these river cruise companies different from one another and which one is best for me and my group?
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When you’re planning a river cruise, you have a dizzying number of choices. To better understand what your choices are, we’ve lined up the Top-7 River Cruise Lines and featuring the most commonly asked questions to Traveling-Guru.
Ready? Let’s go river cruising!

#1 Amawaterways.
Defining Feature: Modern, contemporary ships combining elegant style and service, and a focus on health and wellness.
Destinations: Europe, Portugal, Africa, Cambodia & Vietnam, Myanmar

#2 Avalon
Defining Feature: Some of the most uniquely-designed staterooms afloat.
Destinations: Europe, Asia, Amazon, and Galapagos Islands

#3 Crystal
Defining Feature: Spacious staterooms; Crystal’s renowned service by Crystal hired, trained and manage crew; Michelin-star-inspired dining.
Destinations: Europe

#4 Scenic
Defining Feature: With its new ships, Scenic strives to be the most inclusive of all river cruise lines.
Destinations: Europe, Asia

#5 Tauck
Defining Feature: All-inclusive river cruise tours that include overland journeys chocked full of exclusive experiences.
Destinations: Europe

#6 Uniworld
Defining Feature: All-inclusive, boutique river cruises accented with classic “old world” European design.
Destinations: Europe (including Italy), Russia, Portugal, Egypt, China, India, Cambodia & Vietnam

#7 Viking
Defining Feature: Scandinavian design, Nordic sensibility and the most river cruise ships on the waterways of Europe – by far. 69 by 2019!
Destinations: Europe, Russia, Portugal, Egypt, China, Cambodia & Vietnam, Myanmar, Ukraine

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