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Miami City Tour + Boat Tour offers an amazing Combo Tour which includes a Double Decker Bus Tour and a great Boat Tour through the islands of Biscayne Bay. The City Tour starts at our main Terminal aboard a big red Double Decker Bus with great views everywhere your tour takes you! Visit many of the local hot spots in Miami Beach, Downtown Miami, Coaral Gables, and Coconut Grove. See Famous Sights around Miami Beach, the Art Deco Architecture, the Colorful building and Beautiful Island of Miami Beach. Cruise across the causway to Downtown where you will have toiime to visit, world famous, Bayside Market Place. The Tour continues to some amazing historic sites in Coral gables and Coconut Grove with free time to hop off at Cocowalk! The Boat Tour takes you around the islands to see the Homes of Miami’s Rich and Famous. This City and Boat Tour combo is a great way to get to see all the different hot spots in and around the greater Miami area. Book now online for the best prices on Double Decker Tours in Miami,



  1. At a time like this a 1 star is so very undeserved. I purchased the Yelp deal and then called to book a reservation and was told I would get picked up from the docks (I just got off a cruise and had time to spare until my flight). I spoke with someone who claimed his name was John Sander. I repeated this information 3 times because it seemed as if he was giving me the run around. I specifically told him about 4 more times that I had purchased the Yelp deal and would like to reserve through him. I asked if he needed the confirmation number that Yelp gave me and he insisted he did not. He said he could only pull it up via my card number. I proceeded to give him the last 4 digits and he said he needed the whole number with expiration. I told him not to charge my card as I had already purchased the Yelp deal. I was so thorough in advising him I purchased the Yelp deal. I know I've said it many times as I said to him and, guess what, yes, he charged my card. I didn't know how to react but to just laugh as it was the most ridiculous conversation and person I've ever had/spoked to. I told him, in a very stern and angry voice, YES I'M ALLOWED TO BE ANGRY WITH SOMEONE WHO COMMITTED FRAUD ON MY ACCOUNT RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES (sorry for the rant), anyway, I told him to reverse the charge because I did not authorize it. He then proceeded to go on about the no refund policy. I told him it's not a refund because it was never authorized. Anyhow, I received the refund from Yelp for the deals, but since he had my debit card # and he fraudulently charged my card my bank was unable to refund me the money. I asked for his manager or who ever was in charge of him and he said he was not there and I kept asking him the name and phone number of his manager and he insisted he could not give me that information and I had to obtain it online. Yes, of course I could not find it. So here's my Yelp review of this company (if you can honestly call it that).

  2. We offer an amazing tour of Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Little Havana, Downtown Miami, The Financial District and Bayside Market Place.


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