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Cruise Tips: 4 Different Cruise Line Classes and Grades (and which line is in each)

I discuss the four different cruise line classes and grades (mainstream, premium, luxury and ultra-luxury) and what lines are in each and how they differ. This should help you decide which is likely to be the best grade and category of cruise line for you.

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  1. Thanks for this very informative video. I've only sailed with Crystal Cruise line so I am a bit spoiled. Yes, you do pay more for your cruise, but the price is truly all inclusive. The only extra costs are those things you choose to purchase. Coffee drinks, soft drinks, beer, wine and decent spirits are available 24/7. Free laundry room on each deck, lectures and entertainment, wonderful library on board for books and DVDs. Many dining options, all at no additional charge. 800-900 passenger ocean-going ships. Highly recommend.

  2. Is Regent Seven Seas very nice?

  3. Oh, just what I'm looking for. Your videos are really informative. Thanks! I think I've only tried mainstream. Haha. One day I will experience the ultra-luxury ones. 😀

    Which of the four do you like more?

  4. Hi, just curious, where would you place Voyage to Antiquities?

  5. What about Viking?

  6. How would you rank Costa?

  7. I think you have mainstream and premium switched mainstream has more "bells and whistles" cause they offer a lot more to do cause like you said the apeal to families

  8. Very interesting.  I'll have to eyeball Cunard, and see if the luxury lines have repo deals.  I didn't know that Oceana was Luxury, rather than Ulta-Luxury.   We just booked a 15 night Repo on Celebrity Eclipse for March of 2020, Chile to the US.  This is becoming our favorite way to cruise, 2 weeks for almost the cost of 1, with more exotic ports.

  9. Where would you slot in Hapag Lloyd?

  10. Thank you so much for the information you provided. It has really helped to see the difference.

  11. Thanks for taking the time to educate me on the different cruise lines. Honestly some of them I have never heard of. #greatvideo

  12. Nice overview of the breadth of cruise line offerings. Cheers!

  13. Are you Robin Leach's cousin? excuse me for moment as I sip some tea. Nice quality vids. Entertaining too.

  14. This was very helpful. Thank you.

  15. In what category would you put the Disney Cruise line and also Ponant? Is it only price that determines the category or is it something else .

  16. Truly mindboggling variety of choices! …But …but: Cunard – is four stars hotel?.. Of course / most likely, not… Higher than that… And when the ship is the destination in itself, no matter where your sail is turned to… probably, the Cunard would be standing out, comparing with the other cruise lines… Though, of course, there are other remarkable nautical vessels…

  17. I watched a video a while a go how it is working as a crew. I learned that cruise companies have their tricks to lower the salary and that you had to be very careful with that. Something about making it look like the company operates under UK rules but because somewhere down the line they could get away with that by having a foreign company owning the ship and that it is actually the rules of that country.
    I know that quality will be suffering because of that.
    I would like to ask you if you know more about that subject?


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