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The Luge in Queenstown – New Zealand's Biggest Gap Year – Backpacker Guide New Zealand

Day 141, Part 2: In the finale of Day 141 which has been full of drama and suspense, we relax and have some simple fun at The Luge in Queenstown with Skyline Queenstown! If you are travelling with other people in New Zealand, this activity NEEDS to be on your New Zealand bucket list.

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After a crazy morning atop of the Queenstown Gondola (check out yesterday’s video for that), we decide to forget about Robin’s morning mishaps by taking on the Queenstown Luge!

The Luge is at the top of the Skyline Gondola in Queenstown. It’s a series of downhill tracks with go-karts powered by nothing but gravity and your braking abilities. The Luge is a type of downhill go-karting in Queenstown where you control your speed via the brakes. As we’re about to find out, luging is A LOT of fun.

Putting all the adrenaline activities of Queenstown behind us, one of the real fun things to do in Queenstown is The Luge and almost anyone can do it!

Skyline New Zealand has several gondola and luge rides in New Zealand but with Queenstown, we get some awesome scenery. What’s more, it has been snowing in Queenstown so we are luging in the snow!

So what do you think of The Luge in New Zealand? Would you add The Luge to your New Zealand bucket list? LUK in the comments!

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  1. Devil burger huh? good to know there's an alternative. Fergburger was really overrated, good burger but I won't go there again, lines too long, and don't want to have to make a phone orders just to get a fergburger.

  2. I had chinese que jumpers jump in front of me on that luge, pissed me off. So I overtook most of them… all but 1 that I couldn't catch…

  3. Fantastic Luge video! Loved it! I'm not sure if we are going to do this in Rotorua or Queenstown (perhaps both), but this is a must for our trip! Thanks for the tip on Devil Burger, I have a very impatient husband so I don't know if Ferburger's line up will appeal to him!


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