Caribbean Cruises

Best Caribbean Cruise Destinations – San Juan / Puerto Rico [1080p]

Enjoy the beautiful impressions of San Juan / Puerto Rico…



  1. here's a few tips for saving money while on cruise trips
    Look for restaurant special deals. Askonboard or keep an eye out for the occasional alternative restaurant deal to save money on a special meal.
    Do not over tip. Most cruise lines add to your cruise bill a service fee that covers your cabin steward and dining staff.
    Disconnect your phone at sea. Calling ship-to-shore has always been expensive.
    Save on your bar bill with discounted packages.
    Don't waste your wine! If you order a bottle of wine with dinner and can't finish it, ask your waiter to cork it and save it for you for another night.
    (I read these and the reasons they work on Arack Ship Tips site )

  2. Fabulous Impressions beautifully filmed. I found it interesting there was no commentary [ for a change] but some very pleasant music. Thanks.

  3. Bella mi Tierra del en canto,la amo con todo mi alma


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