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Cook Strait Ferry at Sunset: South Island to North Island Ferry – New Zealand's Biggest Gap Year

Day 250: Check out what it’s like to take the Interislander ferry between the North Island and South Island at sunset! We take the New Zealand ferry across the Cook Strait (and see aliens, but ya know).

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Today is our very last day in the South Island so today’s activity is to take the Cook Strait ferry between the South Island and North Island of New Zealand at sunset! It’s a stunning time of day to take the New Zealand ferry. The North Island South Island ferry takes us between Picton to Wellington on the Picton to Wellington ferry.

So what do you think of taking the New Zealand ferry at sunset? Is the Interislander ferry at sunset how you would travel between the North Island and South Island of New Zealand? LUK in the comments!

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  1. Don't travel if there is a chance of a storm. One of the roughest patches of water in the world. It is like the gateway to hell as the ferry leaves the Sounds and into Cook Straight in a force 9 gale. Better to wait a couple of hours and catch the next ferry as NZ weather can change in a flash. Took my husband three days to recover.

  2. I love the flying saucer full of aliens! Ha ha ha!!!!

  3. It’s a plane ✈️ lol 😝

  4. Awesome video!! I have not done the ferry crossing for almost 20 year!! Really nice place for a picnic
    That is a beautiful cruise to north Island!! Thanks for sharing

  5. Glaciers were the best!

  6. The views from the ferry are stunning


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