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Cruising with kids

Top 5 cruises lines for kids, teens and families. We have put together our top top cruises for kids. From the cheapest cruise line for families to the cruise lines with the best children’s actives and clubs.

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  1. What about carnival?

  2. I may be biased because i am young(14) and I have been on 9 cruises since I was 5 and am going on my next one this year but with the happy dinners I think it’s a great thing due to when I was young like 7 I was and still am not a big eater so I would usually eat a little of the starter but save myself for the main eat the main then ask my parents to take me up to the kids club while they wait for dessert. This may have lead to me seeming rude but it’s just because my stomach hurts when seeing people eat dessert I still leave to this day after or during dessert to go up to the kids club to see my friends however I will go down to my cabin to make myself less posh before I go up
    So yeah I really like this idea- I have been in 3 out of 5 ships on this list( the last 3) so that’s just my personal opinion
    One I would like to add from my personal travels is Holland America line particularly Rydam I don’t know if it’s just my family but we loved and it worked well for our family it’s one out of the two cruises we have been on twice we love it that much it along with msc opera before it was refurbished so if you are looking into a cheap but kids friendly cruise look into rydam

  3. I'm surprised Carnival didn't make the list

  4. Another great aspect of cruising with teenagers, food is laid on, any other holiday you need to keep putting your hand in your pocket to feed them. On a cruise it is already covered.

  5. I just subbed I love this channel because it’s so accurate

  6. My wife and I don't have kids and we're HUGE Disney Cruise fans! Now, that may seem a little strange, but since Disney primarily is geared toward families, we find that the Adult only areas on the ships are never crowded and so we feel like we have a ton of quiet space to ourselves! We may be on a ship with 2,000 people, but in the adult only areas it never feels that way. We get all of the Disney quality, shows, service, and experience, and we get to enjoy less crowded adult ares just by ourselves 🙂

  7. Disney has 3 new ships on order.

  8. Don't send them kids on princess! I like the idea of an older class of passengers without all those yelling, whining unsupervised little snots running all over and plunging their grubby little mitts into the buffet items.

  9. Just as a tip, As of April 2019. Royal Caribbean is ending it's relationship with Dreamworks

  10. Top 5 cruise lines I’ll avoid, lol! My SO and I sprint to the adults only area on our cruises.

  11. Thank you 🌈 guys, now if the family’s that let their kids run wild with out control will just supervise them everyone will enjoy the cruise

  12. Great presentation, thank you!


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