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Exploring Akaroa & The Giant’s House – New Zealand's Biggest Gap Year – BackpackerGuide.NZ

Day 224: Already we have discovered there are so many things to do in Akaroa, but today we are taking it easy to explore New Zealand’s “French” town of Akaroa and see the weird and wacky Giants House!

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After an epic week of doing many wildlife and water activities in Akaroa (just see our Akaroa playlist – ) we are taking the time to explore Akaroa town itself, which is dubbed the French capital of New Zealand.

Our exploration of Akaroa brings us to the Giant’s House in Akaroa – a garden full of mosaic sculptures and water features. It’s the most colourful New Zealand garden you’ll ever see!

After the Akaroa Giants House we venture to the Akaroa Lighthouse. It’s a lighthouse that unusually sits in the middle of the harbour rather than at the end of it.

So what do you think of the New Zealand town of Akaroa? Would you add Akaroa to your New Zealand itinerary? LUK in the comments!

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— New Zealand Biggest Gap Year —

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  1. I live in Christchurch and I have gone to Akaroa many times but I haven't visited this beautiful garden before.

  2. What a fantastic display of art! Sad we missed it. But hopefully next time…..

  3. Thanks for making this video! Now I can safely say I know what $20 buys and I reckon I'll give it a miss.

    Every time I go to Akaroa, I walk up that street to that house… wondering if this is the time I will pay the $20 to get into that house. It hasn't happened yet. After seeing your vid, I don't think I ever will.

    Of course that's not to say your vid sucks… no not that… I just mean I'm not paying 20 bucks to see that house. You guys know I love you 🙂 I comment on (almost) ALL the videos 🙂

  4. Wow beautiful place to see in South Island!!! We need to see this place!!! Thanks for sharing…wow that is an interesting house/garden


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