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Trio of cruise ships | Explorer of The Seas | Nautica | Arcadia | Southampton 09/06/19

Cruise ship departures on the 9th June 2019 from Southampton they were the Royal Caribbean ‘Explorer of The Seas’, Oceania Cruises ‘Nautica’ and P&O Cruises ‘Arcadia’.

The ‘Explorer of The Seas’ was the first departing cruise ship from the City Cruise Terminal at 16:40pm for a 14 Night Italian Mediterranean Cruise and her first port of call is to Gibraltar where she is due to arrive on the 12th June.

Next cruise ship to depart was the ‘Nautica’ from the Queen Elizabeth II Cruise Terminal at 17:55pm for a one way cruise from Southampton to Dublin in Ireland, she took an easterly route from Southampton to Newcastle-upon-Tyne which is her first port of call and she is due to arrive in Dublin on the 19th June.

Last of this trio of cruise ships to depart was the ‘Arcadia’ from the Mayflower Cruise Terminal at 18:44pm her scheduled departure time was for 16:30pm so was just over two hours late in her departure from Southampton for a 12 Night Cruise to the Norwegian Fjords and her first port call is to Haugesund in Norway.



  1. Hello Steve Thank you for the video.

  2. Friend of mine asked do I know of any live cams at Southampton, as a mate is sailing on a cruise.i said no but I bet I know someone that will be filming . and there it is Explorer of the Seas many thanks another great video as always .

  3. Amazing video my friend. Thumbs up.


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