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Vlog 15 – Balearia Caribbean Ferry From Fort Lauderdale to Freeport Grand Bahamas

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Balearia Ferry from Fort Lauderdale to Bahamas. Easy and cheap way go to Freeport in Grand Bahama from USA coast.



  1. What are some hotles there I'm looking to book do they have any all inclusive??

  2. We took the same cruise! Awesome. In one of my recent videos my son and I "swam" with the pigs in
    Freeport. A girl from Sweden in a group after us was bit by one of
    them. They rode in the same shuttle as us and told us the story. Those
    little adorable bundles of delicious bacon will try to eat anything.
    Swimmers beware….of adorableness and hungry piglets.

  3. boa noite, gostaria de saber como é o deslocamento na ilha, fica muito caro pra sair do porto er ir para as praias? fretou o taxi pelo dia do passeio? como funciona o dolar la o poder de compra dele?

  4. Oi.. tudo bom com vocês? Quando foi essa viagem, pois estamos procurando os valores no trecho Fort Lauderdale/ Freeport, mas os preços estão altíssimos para o final do mês de OUTUBRO/ 2018. Podes nos passar maiores informações de onde encontrar esse mesmo deslocamento que vocês fizeram a um preço próximo do que pagaram? Obrigado.

  5. Hi I am so excited looking forward to going just a 1 day tripp do I still need a passport

  6. This is a great video. My boyfriend and I were thinking of doing this. Did you and your family stay overnight? Or was this just a day trip?

  7. Hi, this video is very informative about what to expect when you sail on a fast ferry going to the Bahamas. Btw, when you arrived in Bahamas was there an immigration or customs who will check your documents if you have Bahamian visa or not? I just want to ask because we are planning to have our first family vacation in Bahamas this summer, and I'm confused if we need to apply for a Bahamian visa or not. Thanks!


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