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Go-Karting in Queenstown – New Zealand's Biggest Gap Year – Backpacker Guide New Zealand

Day 140: Today we are finding the ultimate rainy day activity in Queenstown! We head to Game Over to do some go-karting in Queenstown plus laser tag and more at this indoor activity centre in Queenstown.

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It’s raining in Queenstown! Our activity is cancelled so we need to find something else to do in Queenstown or else this won’t be 365 Days: 365 Activities. We’ve found just the place!

We hop on a bus to The Remarkables Shopping Centre in Frankton just outside of Queenstown to Game Over Queenstown. This is an indoor activity in Queenstown so perfect for a rainy day like today.

Before we hit the go-karts, we have a round of laser tag which is pretty damn hilarious. Queenstown has been taken over by dinosaurs so we shoot them and each other for points. Fun!

Then we get onto the go-karts! This indoor go-karts with electric engines are super fast and a great way to get competitive. We give ourselves racer names then hit the go-kart tracks. We have around 14 laps to battle it out with lots of sharp corners, underpasses and overpasses. There’s a lot of screeching of tyres and foots on the peddle!

Go-kart racing in Queenstown was our rainy day saviour today and so much fun. We round our time at Game Over with a quick play of the escape room laser game before heading back to Queenstown.

So what do you think of Game Over Queenstown? Would you do any Queenstown laser tag or Queenstown go karting? LUK in the comments!

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  1. Did you guys notice that when you went downhill on the ramp at that gokart place, the kart slowed down? I did. I reckon it's to stop you slamming into the hairpin corner right after the downramp.

  2. Hey guys,new subscriber here. First of all thank you for this awesome channel and all the information you provide. I just wanted to give you few friendly advices if you can say it that way.It's only my opinion,I'm not saying I'm right or something and I understand you have your own personal style of making videos but you deserve more views for quality content.
    1) In my personal opinion 40 sec intro is waaaay too long for any sort of video,don't get me wrong i really like it but people who come up to your channel might leave the video right away after that long intro
    2) You should talk more to the camera while you are in the bus,walking or before going on some activity.for example when you entered Game Over (Hey guys we just came here doing the check in thing first we are going to play this blablabla) I know you do it in after production but that way would feel kinda more "connected" to the audience.
    3) I know you want to bring the excitement in the video but it kinda feels the same if you are excited and pumped all the time. Hope you understand me on this one
    4) similar to 2nd, please but please include raw video sounds,go karts laser tags,rafting,walking,bus whatever. It just gives more natural feeling and sense that us viewers are there with you.
    Keep up with the videos and we might see each other in NZ if I get a visa 🙂 Cheers


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