Miami Cruises

Port Of Miami to Cruise Terminal A Parking Garage

We were on the inaugural Cruise of Symphony of the Seas November 17th, 2018. This was considered to be the first 8 day cruise open to the public from the home port of Miami.
The drive from Jacksonville, FL was uneventful and we expected a quick trip into the Cruise terminal because of a new tunnel, but we had a surprise awaiting us as the tunnel was closed. So we had to turn around and drive into the port via the old bridge after maneuvering downtown in lots of traffic.

The video shows the turn around at the tunnel entrance and then picks up again near the terminals. There is still much construction in the area so likely this route will be changed soon.

This is a 3D Side by Side video. You can watch in 2D by selecting 3D in the settings gear in You Tube Player.



  1. how much does it cost to park here for 7 days ?

  2. Thanks for sharing. Now I know which way to go if the close the tunnel

  3. Did you use the porters in the parking garage? If so, did you tip them? Did you see your bags again before they were delivered to your state room? Thanks!

  4. Mr. Landis, We will be doing a cruise from Terminal A in the future and my husband wanted to know about what time you arrived at the parking garage. We will be driving down from Ft Lauderdale the day of the cruise and I use an electric scooter so need to park in the garage if possible. We want to get there early so we can get a parking place in the garage. Tx


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