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MS Nautica is a cruise ship, built by Renaissance cruises as part of their R class. Nautica is now owned and operated by Oceania Cruises, where she is part of their Regatta Class. She was built in 2000 by the Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, France for Renaissance Cruises as MS R Five. Between 2002 and 2004 she sailed for Pullmantur Cruises before entering service with her current owners in 2005.

On 30 November 2008 while sailing on the Gulf of Aden the Nautica came under attack by Somalian pirates, but was able to escape without any injuries to passenger or crew.

Concept and construction:
R Five was the fifth boat in a progression of eight indistinguishable voyage ships worked somewhere around 1998 and 2001 by Chantiers de l’Atlantique at Saint-Nazaire, France for Renaissance Cruises. Her bottom was laid on 22 March 1999 and she was dispatched from drydock on 31 July 1999. Taking after fitting out, the R Five was conveyed to Renaissance Cruises on 29 January 2000.

Service history:
On 1 February 2000 the R Five entered administration with Renaissance Cruises on travels in the Mediterranean. She stayed in administration until 25 September 2001, when Renaissance Cruises was pronounced bankrupt because of budgetary troubles brought about by the September 11 assaults. Close by six of her sister delivers the R Five was laid up at Gibraltar. In December 2001 she was sold to the France-based Cruiseinvest and close by her sisters was moved to Marseille, France for a further lay-up.

From June 2002 the R Five was contracted to the Spain-based Pullmantur Cruises for cruising for the Spanish business sector. In administration with Pullmantur she was advertised under the name “Blue Dream”, however her enlisted name stayed unaltered. Amid the northern side of the equator winter seasons she cruised out of Brazilian port as a piece of Pullmantur’s joint administration with CVC. R Five left administration with Pullmantur in 2004.

In November 2005 the R Five re-entered administration when she was contracted to Oceania Cruises and renamed Nautica. On 30 November 2008 the Nautica was cruising from Safaga, Egypt to Salah, Oman on the Maritime Safety Protection Area set up in the Gulf of Aden because of determined privateer assaults on the region, when at roughly 9:28 AM UTC+3 the boat experienced two Somalian privateer dinghies. Skipper Jurica Brajcic requested the boat to take shifty moves and to cruise away at flank speed. The Nautica could beat her assailants, in spite of the fact that the boat was terminated at eight times. None of the 684 travelers or 401 group on board were harmed in the assault. Taking after the assault the Nautica continued ordinarily to her next booked port of call

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