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Cruise Ship Trip or All Inclusive Resort? Most effective Offer Most effective Food stuff Most effective Leisure Most effective Trip

Cruise Ship Trip or All Inclusive Resort? Most effective Offer Most effective Food stuff Most effective Leisure Most effective Trip What is the finest deal for you? An all inclusive resort package or a cruise holiday? I perfer a cruise simply because I take pleasure in the point that just about every day my locale is various, I get to take pleasure in on shore excursions, and the features on board a cruise ship are next to none.
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  2. Or how about both? Cruise with a pre or post Resort? I was talked into a free 3 night stay in Coco Beach for listening to a time share 2hr talk. It was a choice of Orlando or Coco Beach. I figured Coco Beach gets me a tour at the Space Center and if the thing is decent a place to stay pre/post a cruse out of Port Canaveral.

  3. I’ve been on 1 cruise & thought it was just ok. I didn’t like the small rooms, even though the balcony was nice. There wasn’t much to do during the day as far as activities, night time was good though. I hated the lines getting off at ports, & when I was in port, I never felt totally relaxed because I was always worried about time & getting back on the ship. I always felt like I was in line on a cruise. I’ll probably try another, but I do prefer land vacations. Once I land, no worries about times or lines until it’s time to leave.

  4. Cruise lines did a great job on homeport departures where you do not need to fly and worry about extra baggage and overweight fees.

  5. Cuban All Inclusive Resorts are the best for economy minded travellers, $500.00 – $600.00 for a Full Week.

  6. And enjoy your cruise! Like you 😀

  7. You are welcome Bruce. We Love Your Cruise videos.

  8. Great video. Tip for you. Once you dropped off your rental car, the rental car company gives you a ride to the port. Save you a extra dollar from taxi or Uber

  9. I've never had any of the problems with the all inclusive resorts that you talk about. Never been on a cruise, but I absolutely love all inclusive resorts.

  10. Hi I wanted to know if you have a recommendation for cruise line for my grandparents. What I liked about your video is that you showed you and your wife relaxing in the chairs looking over the sea view. It seemed, quiet, calm, and collected and I'm just wanting them to experience something like that vs the party cruise ships with rock climbing and clubbing, zip lining because they are older and won't be enjoying those things. Plus there can be violence and etc. Any recommendations they are 75 still get around well just want to keep them safe and have a calm experience

  11. Thank you !
    Your video helped me a lot.

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