Honeymoon Cruise

Mouth watering Emily&#39s Honeymoon Cruise Episode 16: The Child&#39s Club (Complete Walkthrough)

Episode 16: Child-Welcoming (The Kid’s Club)
Patrick and Emily come to a decision to take care of the youngsters club and uncover that they are a excellent staff collectively. Is this the long term they each want?

[Mouse Locations]
16-1: Guiding the Infant Girl’s Cot (01:12)
16-two: Higher than the Baking Grill (08:41)
16-three: Guiding the Stone Grill at the Cashier (fifteen:59)
16-four: Guiding the Correct Window (23:12)
16-5: Leading of the Doll Cabinets (31:00)

16-two: Find Little ones ten Occasions
16-5: Find 16 Balls (Remedy:

[Unforgettable Moment]
– Collect seventy eight Golden Hearts to capture “Playing Residence” (twenty five:08)

– Collect eighty Golden Hearts to unlock Robodog 3000 XT

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  1. I have completed the game and collected all the collectibles, etc but there are two photos that will not show up no matter what I do… Episodes 16-4 and 17- 4… are there any tricks you do to make the camera show up?

  2. Is Edward still upset about John Tones?

  3. Don't tell me Edward is still upset over John Tones.

  4. love your walkthroughs!


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