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Boarding a Model NEW CRUISE SHIP! – MSC Seaside Tour & Review w/ MSC Cruises

We’re investing the week cruising all over the Caribbean on a manufacturer new cruise ship, the MSC Seaside! Very first up, we’re having you on a tour of this significant ship. 🛳Huge many thanks to MSC for partnering with us on this video! 🙌

Master a lot more about the MSC Seaside and e book your possess cruise!

View Upcoming: ▶ Cruise day two: Striving PUERTO RICAN Food stuff!

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  2. I must subscribe your channel after watching such an interesting and incredible video.
    Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  3. How many teens where on the ship??

  4. 1:03 Well a spritz in an Italian made cruise ship, operated by an Italian cruise line is a must

  5. While your laptop is on repair I'm going back to watch any video I missed. :O gotta support the channel!

  6. Those bartenders yaaasss!

  7. What drink package did you get?

  8. "It'll get ya drunk too!!" LMAO

  9. 1:40 That's a pretty cool technique.

  10. It's easy to watch a video, and take for granted the editing that went into it. I appreciate the final product, and acknowledge the work that went into it. Whichever one of you does the editing, does a GREAT job. The final product is pretty darn sweet.

    By the way, I don't understand how you guys seem to vacation for a living, but seems like a pretty sweet gig, if you can get it, or figure it out.

  11. i went on this ship last year and loved it,it was very clean had lots of fun things to do and the food was very good.

  12. You two are so freaking cute!! Absolutely love your videos. 🤗✌️♥️

  13. You 2 are awesome! I wished she wears bikinis next time!

  14. If I hear the word “proper” one more time…. lmao

  15. I’m new to you guys and you appear very sweet! This vlog excites me because I’m going on this cruise next year with family and friends! It’s gonna be so much fun! Thanks for uploading, I appreciate it 🥰

  16. I love that you guys are not spendy and yet don't complain about costs/seem overly cost conscious. It's like this very nice acceptance of the reality of things being more expensive in certain areas and for certain things and yet not "look at me in my business class seat and fancy lounge". More like, normal spending without complaining I guess. Not "throwing shade" or whatever else the kids are saying these days, at anyone, just saying I enjoy the way you handle money and money conversations in the vlogs I've seen to date.

  17. I was on there

  18. South Africa,,, Represent

  19. I had the chance to go on this cruise on January 12th to 19th and this video makes me so nostalgic ! I hope to go back in a cruise soon cause i’m just a 14 years old guy but anyway that was such a great video !

  20. What package included unlimited drinks 🍹

  21. Do you have to pay more to access the gym if you already have the wellnesspackage?

  22. Hi i very love your video, can i ask you – is the zip line free on the ship or how much is one ride, thx

  23. Love the video. this video is the reason we are going on MSC Seaside which drink package did you get?

  24. I like waterparks

  25. Cool but it isn’t brand new I got on it on the 2nd of June

  26. worse customer service dept ive ever dealt with at MSC offices, Booked Seaside paid for drink upgrade 2 weeks later told upgrade package we expired, refund my upgrade, really>> NO ONE told thme to cancel it, they dont answer messages, even sent letter to President Robert F and NO replys or anything;

  27. I have just got of msc seaside x


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