Miami Cruises

Astounding time-lapse of the cruise ships with the Miami, FL skyline – two/nine/2018

Dawn to dusk Hd time-lapse significant earlier mentioned Miami Seaside FL wanting down at Governing administration Slash, the port of Miami and the Miami skyline. Delivery visitors, cruise ship visitors, boat visitors and an remarkable sunset behind the Miami Skyline. Shadows from clouds racing waters of Biscayne Bay.
Shot Description

1) Starts at dawn wanting from Miami Seaside at edge of the Governing administration slice wanting west in the direction of the port of Miami and downtown Miami.
two) TC 00:22:00 – Enormous Maresk container ship leaving the port.
3) TC 00:forty eight:21 – Container ship arriving
four) TC 03:13:07 – Cruise ship departing.
five) TC 03:twenty:00 – Disney Cruise ship departing.
6) TC 03:thirty:00 – Sunshine location behind the Miami skyline

SID: Broadwave



  1. i find it interesting that all these crazy boat drivers can avoid one another driving like maniacs yet one of our state of the art battleships cant avoid a cargo container ship.

    but then again i'm no city boy.
    i'll stick to the sticks.

  2. Beautiful video! The clouds passing overhead and creating shadows on the water is awesome! Miami is such a beautiful city at night. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nice. Would be also interesting to use Tilt&Shift and make it look tiny:)

  4. I thought everywhere had laws angst small boats and large boats not going near each other.. People in this video closer to the end of the video where collisions seem very likely due to people driving like they would on the dang road.

    Thanks for the view, Never seen that before..

  5. wow we need more night footage

  6. Beautiful and amazing


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