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  1. Your reasoning on taking less days to make it less expensive. No shit Sherlock. Of course less days makes it less expensive. 🙄

  2. I love to cruise by myself….married…grandmother … 7 cruises.

  3. I booked a deposit for a 5 Night solo cruise on the Carnival Sensation (My First Cruise!!!!!) in October to Grand Cayman and Cuba for my birthday. I knew as a solo cruiser, there was no chance of getting a decent deal on an oceanview, so I was content with getting a standard interior. Since Sensation is an older and smaller ship, there was a fair amount of Porthole rooms that were available. It was a slight upcharge compare to the traditional interior, but still far less than the cheapest oceanview. I was ok with this, and even with the supplements and taxes……It still came to about $800 which IMO is a decent deal. I guess it all depends on where you wanna go, how much research you want to put in, and how much you're willing to spend

  4. i got a buddy whos my "cruise wing man" now, he came on my last cruise with my parents, then when my parents decided to take me on a cruise for my 40th bday, hes coming, (was going to go to vegas, but my mother needed foot surgery the day after we where going to leave for vegas, since, vegas was my dads idea, and not something i was ever super excited about seeing, my mother and i talked and, since he had to change their cruise for this year due to the surgery as well, she liked my idea that we just go on a cruise, since that would also be easier with her foot being in the process of healing(a mobility scooters wonderful onship, i have PA/RA/Gout thats made me unable to work for years, and, the scooter has made every cruise just great 🙂 )

    if you are like me, and got very limited/fixed income, and can find somebody you enjoy hanging out with, whos more like a brother/sister then just a freiend, it can become alot more affordable to cruise, he and i also agreed, we had more fun playing wingman for eachother then we would have alone, and, he even said, he thought going on whatever cruises my father/parents find deals on that we can afford to make payments on before hand, would be great, since, and i shit you not, my parents started half joking the didnt realize they had a 2nd son at some point, but damn, was i correct when i said my buddy rick is my "Brother by another mother", hell, rick and my mom both cried a bit when they hug at the end of the cruise…. her only jab at me being that perhaps next time we would have better luck hitting on girls…LOL…. (well, we did both endup with sinus infections from shit in the air thanks to the hurricane damage leftovers(stagnent water in st.thomas did it to a bunch of people on the cruise… never saw so many people who seemed to have a cold/allergies at once….)…

    anyway, yeah, till i turned out rick really really enjoyed the cruise i invited him on, that we had already paid for, (was going to invite my uncle like the first cruise, but, he had pissed us all off pretty well for the 3 months leading up to me inviting rick, turned out rick was alot better company then my uncle, had alot more fun, and genuinely appriciated it more then my uncle did…. so much hes planning on doing something special for my parents this trip, he may even set us up with a steak house reservation and cover their dinner (if you do it the first night on carnival, you should get a free bottle of wine, you may have to ask for i though), the fact that, this friend about reads my bloody mind/is thinking the same thing i am more often then not… its nice having friends, even if only a couple, who are that in sync, such that, you about read eachothers minds… (but not in that weird annoying way, in the 'omg, rofl, we said the same thing at the same time again' or "we had the same thought/reaction" and linked the same video clip or meme or versions of the same one… LOL…

    i have been thinking about seeing how many people we could get interested in setting up a group cruise after our 2020 cruise.

    this year, we will have lots of videos and pictures to post from the cruise, told him we should do some vlog style posts, so we can show some people why we keep saying, its alot of fun, despite their misgivings, that are some of the same reasons i was sort of apathetic to the idea till my parents offered to take me if in 2016, and took my uncle along.

    my first cruse was the Carnival Pride in Feb 2016, the one that went threw the storm the damaged the ship ahead of us, and at least 2 behind us, the one ahead had to turn around, pretty extensive internal damage (ceilings falling down and shit.. )

    despite it being rough as hell for the first few days, despite my chest being sore as hell from my arms auto trying to keep me in bed not on the floor.. despite the rolling being so bad that the windows on lito a couple times where anternating nothing but water/nothing but sky, over and over, dishes crashing allover behind the doors…and despite the fact that the only really warm day being the one in freeport, and despite the ice cold being so bad, that for the first time in my life, i lost my voice… i had so much fun… i wanted to do it again… and made payments to go on the 2018 cruise we went on, that my buddy was able to join us for, and he had so much fun, that before we where 3 days in he told my father that, he was gonna pay for 1/2 of the next cruise i took, because, he was coming along…..

    i could go alone, but, i spend most of my time alone, i genuinely have more fun when im hanging around with genuine friends, and those, for me at least, are rare… i can count on one hand the actual true friends i have…and have fingers to spare…

  5. I still don't understand why if you are going by yourself, you are paying for another person? so do you get a roommate or not? if so, do they pay or…?I'm confused can someone help me. P.s. Ive never been on a cruise and I'm planing to go on a singles cruise.

  6. Seriously?! You think going on a four day cruise is a decent alternative for a single cruiser? Get real! Especially people who have to fly? That's terrible advice.

  7. was the best decision I ever made post-divorce. Great vacation, made a some fun friends and it was very therapeutic. Many others on the trip felt the same.

  8. Sorry, but a four day cruise is not a match for a 7 day cruise. That advise is useless, however, the advice on finding a singles cruise was helpful.

  9. This guy is is not helpful at all he got less and paid less. He does not show how to get around the double occupancy issue for the room he wanted. He just shows how to select less. This is 13 minutes of my life I will never get back.

  10. Still don't want an interior room.

  11. I'll gladly pay double so I don't have to bring some needy ass woman scheduling every minute of my day.

  12. Sorry but this guy sounds like an incredible boring guy…his solutions to cruise single are a joke!! Of course if you pick a shorter cruise it is cheaper! Of course if you pick an inside cabin it is cheaper!! Duh.. nothing smart or intelligent solutions from this guy!

  13. Don’t even bother to watch this. Its a waste of time really

  14. carnival is bullshit! Norwegian and royal Caribbean are the best for solo travelers

  15. our cruises even for singles cost way more that any of those .. i still go though and i wont do any less that 7 or more days lol

  16. You may want to add that even though Carnival doesn't offer singles staterooms, you will only have to pay port fees for one traveler and not two.

  17. Had a nightmare cruise,there was a large group of gay men on board,Absolutely disgusting

  18. They'll sell you a hammock on the lowest deck.

  19. Thanks michael

  20. You are taking forever to get to the point…I'm at 4 minutes and you haven't said shyt!


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