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MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE VLOG l Ep. 25 l The Acropolis in Athens!

This has to be a single of my beloved videos from this journey! Traveling to the Acropolis was definitely Astounding! If you happen to be viewing Greece, you Must pay a visit to! It was an unbelievable knowledge! As constantly, make sure to view in High definition for the ideal online video high-quality! Hope you love! 🙂

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  1. I will be in Athens in 43 days! Thank you for the video. I truly can't wait!!

  2. whispers OH MY GOODNESS!!!!

  3. LOVE the video! HOWEVER, I was a nervous wreck that you were going to trip on that uneven ground!

  4. Scott that was insane, (in a great way) thanks for sharing this! Wow

  5. Scott just to stand there and think about how old those building were. Amazing! When you were showing the view from the very top I was thinking what was the landscape way back when they built those buildings?

  6. I am laughing at myself. When they had the changing of the guard, I was bending trying to see around the woman in the black shirt. What are the guards for? That was interesting and it looks like a beautiful place to visit. When I was in Turkey (Assos) we saw the ruins of Athena's palace. (It looks like she got around.) lol  Where you were today reminds me of that.

  7. Scott I loved the Acropolis site it is so beautiful and historic thank you for the video Loved it


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