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MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE VLOG l Ep. 3 l Heading to the Cruise Ship!

It is ultimately time to head to the Royal Princess! Boy oh boy am I excited!! This is what you can assume if you reserve a transfer through Princess Cruises from the FCO airport in Rome to the Port of Civitavecchia. Following a couple of glitches (extremely minimal) we ended up on our way to the cruise ship! (Sorry for not staying ready to see me in the commencing of the video clip, I’m nevertheless receiving use to the new camera). As generally, make certain to look at in High definition on YouTube for the best video clip high-quality. Hope you delight in! 🙂

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  1. How much did Princess charge for the bus? We too private car for our cruise$160 total

  2. Another awesome video great job!

  3. Hi Scott Just found youre vlogs I love cruising and watching good videos you are really good keep up the good work

  4. Good job, thanks.

  5. Yes, very surprising to me that there were so many empty spaces near Rome. Can't wait to watch the next video!! And DANG the ship looks huge, as you drive up!!

  6. a lot of ships are built in the fincantieri ship builders in italy so what you said about the bathrooms makes sense. thankyou for all the great information you give everyone on your vlogs.

  7. Hey there Scott—Great video and so informative! I'm with you, I did not expect to see all of that farm land as you were traveling from the airport to the cruise port…shows what I don't know…haha. 😉  I can't wait for your next episode…I'm really enjoying this Series!! 🙂

  8. Outstanding work! So excited to see the rest of the vlogs, including all the food! Thanks for the great vlogs!

  9. Fantastic can't wait for the next episode. DIdnt think that there would be that much open land around in Rome.

  10. I thought I was watching a dateline episode for the first 2:30 as you were shadowed.
    It makes sense about the similarities of hotel room and ship because many big cruise ships are built in Italy.
    Your family is so nice to wear your branded shirts.


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