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Sea Princess All-around Australia Cruise 2019

This is a video of my have cruise on the Sea Princess in March/April 2019. Has highlights and some specific video of pieces of the Sea Princesses Interiors:
*** Brief Sections to Jump to:
The Atrium of the Sea Princess: .fifty seven secs
Outside the house Top rated Degree of Sea Princess: five.24
Seaview Bar and Scorching Tub on the Sea Princess: five.29
Vista Lounge on the Sea Princess: seven.twelve
Begin and Beyond of Camel Journey on Cable Beach front in Broome: eight.fourteen
Legends Sporting activities Bar on Sea Princess nine.01
Kimberley Coastal Cruising nine.45
On board Enjoyment On Sea Princess 11.19 #ConForzaStrings (String Duo) #Icon (Vocal Team) #RudiDouglas (Piano Player)
Drinks Menu (as of March 2019) fourteen.22
Last Evening Baked Alaska fourteen.31
*** I didn’t get a lot for Cairns as it was the only port our weather was not that wonderful.



  1. Did you film from your cabin and if so what side, starboard or port? Great vid!

  2. Enjoyed your video, many thanks for posting 🙂 I’m considering doing this cruise myself at the same time of year, but this would be my first ever cruise and I’m afraid of getting seasick, do you feel much motion on the ship and would you say March is a good time of year to cruise around Aus? Many thanks.

  3. Thanks, enjoyed the video. Looking forward to our own in March 2020


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