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Britannia cruise ship tour (2019) – Comprehensive wander all around the full ship with commentary!

Check out a total tour and evaluation of the full P&O Britannia Cruise ship with commentary. I cruised on P&O Britannia with my partner and kids in June 2019. In this tour I wander all around the full ship from bottom to leading. I talk about all the things which includes the atrium, swimming pools, places to eat, general public parts and youngsters services.



  1. On my first cruise on 7th September 19 and on the Britannia, this videos was brilliant, very informative, can’t wait to get on board

  2. Went on this ship in April, amazing ship. I too noticed even at the busiest time you could always get a seat in the buffet, it was never crowded. Don’t know how they did it as usually the buffet is the most hectic place on the ship, very very well designed😄

  3. We are going in 2 weeks, can’t wait! But I will leave my clown costume at home!

  4. Fabulous memories in this ship! I cruised on her with my mum which was super. Very fitting giving the name of your channel haha 😂

  5. that bit of deck outside the live lounge was one of my favourites x thanks for sharing x


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