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Symphony of the Seas – Comprehensive Walkthrough – Cruise Ship Tour – Royal Caribbean Cruise Strains – 4K

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This online video is about a Comprehensive Wander By way of tour on Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the seas. We will just take a online video tour of the key areas of the ship together with: the sports deck, the boardwalk, central park, the royal promenade, the eating venues and significantly far more.

Deck 15
Mini Golf :33
Surf Flow Rider two:06
Greatest Abyss two:29
Wipeout bar two:27
lay flow rider three:seventeen
Zip line three:36
Basketball Court three:48
Viva Mexico 4:24
Ice Cream Equipment five:19
Challenger Video Arcade five:39
Charging Station six:eleven
Splash away bay seven:07
Sand Bar eight:44
Athletics pool nine:08
Pool Bar nine:35
Main Pool nine:45
Beach Pool 10:31
Excellent storm drinking water slides 12:50
Great whirlpool 13:36
Solarium 14:10

Deck sixteen
WindJammer Buffet sixteen:seventeen

Deck 4
Main Dining Place seventeen:53
Izumi Hibachi & Sushi 19:13
On line casino Royal 19:forty one
Studio B 20:34
The Attic 21:42
Jazz on 4 22:52
Royal Theater 23:sixteen

Deck five
Royal Promenade 24:20
Boleros 24:26
Starbucks 24:34
On Air 24:45
sorrentos 32:45
Copper & Kettle 33:13
Next Cruise 33:51
Cafe Promenade 34:forty nine
Guest Companies 35:29
Bionic Bar 35:47
Deck six
Shore Excursions 36:thirty
Schooner Bar 36:40
Deck seven
The Boardwalk 37:26
The dog dwelling 37:45
carousel 37:fifty nine
Perform makers sports bar 38:52
Johnny Rockets 39:50
Rock Climbing wall 40:42
Aqua Theater 40:forty three
Deck eight
Central Park 25:seventeen
Growing Tide Bar 25:36
Chops Grille 26:06
150 Central Park west 27:14
Trellis Bar 28:52
Park Cafe 29:24
Jaimie’s Italian thirty:sixteen
Vintages 32:09

Deck sixteen
Hooked Seafood 27:thirty
Deck 12
wonderland 28:14


Symphony of the Seas Sailings

Symphony of the seas Dining

Harmony of the Seas

Adventure of the Seas

Allure of the Seas

Anthem of the Seas

Brilliance of the Seas

Freedom of the Seas

Grandeur of the Seas

Independence of the Seas

Jewel of the Seas

Liberty of the Seas

Majesty of the Seas

Mariner of the Seas

Navigator of the Seas

Oasis of the Seas



  1. I am so happy that this video has finally been posted! I booked to go on symphony with you and cant wait to see all it has to offer.

  2. Can you tell me the difference between symphony and harmony

  3. Thank you 🙏🏾 so much for doing this video I’ve been trying to compare harmony and symphony to each other this was a big help I will be giving you a call

  4. What's pup put golf? 😂 Mini golf? Love the videos though and we literally pick our cruises from your reviews! Thank you 😀

  5. I hate when he ends at a shady location just End at the start

  6. Do you book Canadian citizens too or just US citizens?

  7. Cool

  8. Can we book with you from Canada?

  9. Your videos are amazing, so excited to travel, I will call you

  10. You mention getting a sandwich at Cafe Promenade to take to ports. I have always been told that no food may be removed from ships at ports. Does it depend what port you are going to? Where can you take ship food onto shore? thanks!

  11. I will be going on Symphony of the Seas next year February. Can't wait!

  12. I swear that, while I know this ship has a spa, you'd never know it since nobody ever does a good job (or any job) documenting it. Would you happen to know if the stone beds in the thermal suite have an ocean view? Thanks.

  13. im going on harmony of the seas in 6 hours xD and i think there the same symphony is just 2 inches bigger

  14. I loved the tour but… YOU MISSED SUGAR BEACH!

  15. What is your job lol

  16. Hey when you said for the flow rider when you need your key card would you need to pay to go on it

  17. I went on that oh yea yeah

  18. Had anyone actually booked from this web?

  19. I just would like to thank you Jason. I’m so surprised you actually did a tour on Symphony! Hope you had fun!

  20. All of your videos give me a mini stroke. Way to erratic speed with the camera work. SLOW it down. Don't speed up and slow down. Proper editing. It gets nausiating after the first 5 min. Look how others make their videos.

  21. I can hardly sleep I’m so excited about getting on this ship!!!!! I go in March!!!

  22. Question, is it normally only as busy as in the video? Because it does not see very busy at all and that sounds perfect I was worried it was going to be too crowded at every pool or attraction

  23. when it comes to my family I don't care about money

  24. is johnny rockets and starbucks complemtary?

  25. Carnival sucks big time, royal Caribbean has so much too do on. There ships besides partying you can’t get bored on royal Caribbean

  26. I could never afford this in a million years…but this, almost virtual, tour lets me live it for 42.19 minutes in my dreams. I can see myself on the see through the jaccuzi looking down below at the ocean..and sampling the marvellous array of food from so many countries.
    I'm a nibbler..dont eat a lot so I wouldn't gorge.
    The entertainment of choice would be comedy and music and down to earth performers..minus the extravaganza.
    Thank you for such a lovely and visual delight of a presentation. I may never experience it but I lived it for a while.

  27. Oh my god this is amazing

  28. This is my dream ship. I went on my first cruise not even a year ago on the Carnival Triumph. It was a blast! Sadly, they are renovating it so I won’t get to see my first cruise ship ever again. But one day ima hop on this ship, and probably die of happiness! Great video! I definitely will try to give you a call

  29. We have a Johnny Rockets in MacArthur Center which is The Neighbourhood indoor mall and it is good but you only want to do it one time because it is so unhealthy so I wouldn't take multiple meals in Johnny Rockets but I might take one have a great day everyone

  30. Sounds like they found a way to be able to have late-night dance music without disturbing 2/3 of the ship have a great day the silent party is actually quite ingenious for late night partying that's why I at my house I use headphones so my neighbors don't have to be inundated with my music have a great day

  31. Also remember cruise ships come under International maritime law or the laws that are governed by the flag that they're flying in other words is not Las Vegas they don't have to follow the same rules the cards are always stacked against you especially on a cruise ship so take the agents advice and gamble responsibly set aside an x amount of money you can use and don't exceed that and also you got to do like Kenny Rogers every now and then know when to hold up know when to fold know when to run have a great day

  32. I could still see the ship was moored up to key side now another travel agent who who recommended this when you first come aboard the ship everybody's going to dark for that Buffet cuz if food is there they don't have to wait they don't have to see a maitre d first or any of that but the specialty dining the main dining room and a lot of other stuff is open if you don't want to be inundated with the crowds right away bored as early as they'll let you and avoid the buffet for the first few hours of the of The Croods now if you don't mind waiting in line and the crowds the buffet is perfectly good have a great day you good actually live on that ship I haven't seen everything on there that you would need to live comfortably and never have to leave that vessel I wonder if they sell cabins as Condominiums? Can I take a 5-year lease out

  33. For those who have mobility issues or confined to a wheelchair I just noticed when the camera pass by the pool there was a Mobility lift so you're confined to a wheelchair you can still access the swimming pool that is so nice of them I wonder if they do cruises for families who have children with special needs? Have a great day

  34. Yeah Royal Caribbean is the best for cruise ships they're little more pricey to but you get a lot more the buffet may not be five star but will be better than your local Chinese buffet the buffet on Royal Caribbean vessels it's probably four and a half Stars and I wouldn't take them that much to make their buffet and there complimentary dining to be even as good or better as Princess and counard but they do come in behind princess when it comes to standard dining but it's only like a few millimeters I have to move up to be Head to Head so you know what you get so much more on a Royal Caribbean vessel than a princess vessel princess vessels are designed for older people do you want to take a relaxing cruise with not a lot of kids running around if you have families especially young families or you don't mind kids then I would recommend Royal Caribbean and so would your cruise agent do to

  35. At least that piece of Transportation the restrooms don't stink like a greyhound hahaha have a great day but that looks like excellent ship and I can remember when The Sovereign of the Seas was the greatest in the biggest cruise ship in the world and they went from that to this and 20 years that's awesome have a great day everyone and at least hectic Black Friday as possible

  36. I went on the oasis of the seas once


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