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Why is the Bay of Biscay Risky for Cruise Ships ???

P&O Aurora Planet Cruise / Bay of Biscay

Bay of Biscay is constantly tough!

roamin – Using a stroll (“gone on the piss, no informed the missis an obtained lost”)

scot – a native or inhabitant of Scotland.

I will present you some of the best holiday destinations in Scotland and the Planet that you will not come across in the brochure.



  1. I went on a Disney cruise once and there were 18-foot seas (which, incidentally, is the same as the wave-height report for the Bay at the time of this post). This sea barely has any white caps. The sea in the video isn't half that bad.

  2. How many people are there??

  3. i travel through the bay twice week through winter. pussy.

  4. I can only imagine how you and your family must have been feeling defiantly fly in a few days before as you put it you will arive in time with mo stress. As i would hate to think what your cruse cost your family.

  5. Is that the Ventura ? Or it’s sister ? It’s an awesome ship

  6. Great videos – I will be on Aurora in October 2019 and I am really looking forward to sailing on her.

    My first cruise out of Southampton was in 2015 and it was cheaper to fly with Flybe from Manchester than to take the train. I had no problem getting to Southampton, and I flew the day before to be sure. The flight home was at 17:30 which meant a whole day in Southampton killing time. Fortunately, I had used the Baggage Handling Co to transport my luggage to & from Southampton to home so I didn't have to lug it around all day. That flight was delayed until 19:30. With missed trains etc it was 23:00 before I got home. Total drag and waste of a day! Had I taken the train I reckon I would have been home by around 15:00. This time I am using the free Coach service that P&O provide and forfeiting the onboard spend! Flybe – never again!

  7. We always allow ourselves 2 days before sail date when we travel down from Scotland to Southampton, it’s simply not worth the stress, and you can’t rely on other travel operators, let alone the weather at any time of year.

  8. I would have thought the most sensible thing to have done was to go to Southampton the day before sailing. Flying from Scotland to Southampton in winter is always going to be a little precarious.


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