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MY FIRST CRUISE! ROYAL CARIBBEAN | Navigator of the Seas! (Cruise Vlog 1, 2019)


Hey everyone! Thanks so much for watching this vlog about day 1 on my Royal Caribbean cruise through the Bahamas. Make sure you stay tuned for the remainder of this mini series!


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  1. MY FIRST CRUISE! 🚢🥂 Eric and I had a blast and we hope you all really enjoy part 1 of this mini series! Did you all like the tour of the almost empty ship? Have you ever been on a cruise?! THANK YOU for watching and supporting my channel. ✈️❤️

  2. Cool ..have a wonderful trip.

  3. Trust me, I went on the Navigator of the Seas two weeks ago and it WAS SO MUCH FUN!

  4. Did you run into Super Mario? Royal Caribbean #1 Cruiser with over 8000 nights on board the ship!

  5. What a fun vlog. The cruise ship is huge! Thanks for sharing your vacation. Looks like fun!

  6. Norwegian has free drinks

  7. What time did you get there at? I’ll be on the ship next month

  8. Great vlog and welcome to cruising! You’ll be hooked and just enjoy the experience!

  9. How did you get upgraded to a jr. Suite?

  10. Loved the tour of the ship! Looked awesome!

  11. A big 91 like dear.☺.you are so cute.Very very nice vlog .stay connected.

  12. OMG that is incredible! Nope have never been on a cruise. It's amazing how those things stay afloat! And couldn't ask for a better tour guide 🙂 You're awesome. I'd love to play that mini golf course ( I saw a lighthouse on it..I am into lighthouses big time ). So you're going though the Bahamas? My heart goes out to those poor people in the path of that monster hurricane.

  13. Norwegian is our favorite! Loved the vlog!

  14. Amazing video though.. please check out my channel for more travel videos and supescribe

  15. I loved the vlog. It’s a lot larger ship then I’ve been. I look forward to the rest of the vlogs.

  16. That ship looks awesome! Have a great trip!

  17. I look forward to the upcoming videos! I’ve done 2 cruises to Alaska on Holland America (I did them during the hot summer months in Vegas). I’m still wanting to do a Caribbean cruise or a Hawaiian Island hopper cruise someday.

  18. So glad to see you having a nice time on your first cruise. I think you and Eric would enjoy a cruise on a yacht with maybe 6 or 8 couples. You are allowed to help out with the sails if you want to. It's quite intimate and you get to visit places the large cruise ships can't go. One of my sisters goes with her husband this way and they love it. There are some good cruises like this in the Polynesian Islands. Anyway it's something to consider sometime. As always, take care and Happy Travels!

  19. 3:19 reminds me of that State Farm commercial where the guy says “and can I get a hot tub 🙌🏼”

  20. Cruising is a great way to vacation. It's nice when ships have adult areas. My husband and I love to cruise on Princess cruise line…it usually has an older crowd( we are in the older and the ships are smaller than most RC ships. Your first cruise is always so fun. If you ever want to watch good cruise videos check out Cruise Tipstv on yt. Wow, what a nice room upgrade Thanks for sharing your trip. It will be fun to follow along.⛴🛳

  21. Missed the hurricane! 😎👍🌈

  22. This looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing your tour of the ship. It was great to see how excited you were about your vacation ahah Can't wait to see the rest of this series 🙂

  23. Great job on your tour of the ship. Gives a great view of what cruising is all about.


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