Honeymoon Cruise

Delicious – Emily’s Wonder Wedding: The Movie (Cutscenes; English)

Emily’s big day is coming and you are cordially invited! Emily and Patrick are happily engaged, but when Patrick’s mom arrives, bad omens begin appearing. Now Emily and Patrick are in for the ride of their lives. Is their marriage written in the stars, or will fate deal them a bad card?

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Chapter 1: Emily’s Terrace: 00:00:35
Chapter 2: Flannery’s Tavern: 00:17:11
Chapter 3: Gillon’s Farm: 00:31:52
Chapter 6: Edwardo’s Place: 00:47:49
Chapter 4: Snuggford Manor: 00:59:29
Chapter 5: Flannery’s Park: 01:15:42

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  2. I love the wedding hall music. It's one of my favorite songs in the series.

  3. watching this takes me back. I miss the choices you could make in the games. It personalized it just enough

  4. Tell me where I can find a friend like Francois! 🙂

  5. Omg Patrick was in love with a jerk ages ago XD


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