Honeymoon Cruise

MY TOP 5 Travel Destinations for 2020

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  1. "Crazy rich", your right or "crazy – add any word" is definitely American! Ukraine & Russia is my next trip! Good tip on Philippines, to really see it chop it into 3 trips!

  2. thanks for having Philippines in your fave list. I myself as Filipino living abroad, every time I came home, I am always amazed by the beauty of the Philippines and the progress of the big cities.

  3. "Crazy rich", your right or "crazy – add any word" is definitely American!

  4. Loved your comment about Ukraine … it definitely is like stepping into another world. The tourism is different to the rest of the continent here. I think it's hard to compare Poland and Ukraine today. Poland is very mainstream. Ukraine will become that but not for another few years at least.

    You never mentioned the girls, Dany! How come?? After all it's one of the most popular videos on your channel … 😉

    Greetings from Odessa Mama! About to finish up filming here … a lot shorter summer for me this time.

  5. Quite unfortunate in one of your gottaworldtosee videos, you said Philippines said has many "beaches" while your gf said "bitches" referring to women. That's just hugely off. Quite insensitive and irresponsible comment. You got a lot of subscribers in showcasing Philippines but in summary, one can realize it's not really PH you liked. As a matter of fact, you're more in awe of Singapore saying Singapore is like this and like that. Just better go to SG only. You may encounter woes in PH again. You're more attracted to modern structures which SG offers. Unsubscribed to your videos coz sense of gratitude was just wanting.

  6. very nice and informative video !!


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