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7 Reasons to Stay on the Ship at Your Next Port of Call

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While visiting new and exciting places is part of cruising, sometimes we opt to stay onboard at a port of call. Why? Well, there are a lot of advantages to hanging back while most of your fellow passengers head ashore. Not convinced? In our latest video, we detail our top 7 reasons to stay on the ship at your next port.

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One of our insider cruise tips that we share with first time cruisers is to skip one of your ship’s stops. Usually, you can find a port on your trip that does not offer tours or excursions that interest you or someplace that you have already visited. With many people departing to explore the island or city, you will have the entire ship to yourself. You might even feel like the Captain of the ship.

One of the reasons to stay on the ship during a port day is having access to the ship’s amenities with little crowds. During a port day, we often find ourselves using attractions like the waterslides, sports court, rock climbing walls, zip lines, mini golf, and other activities.

Along with no lines at these signature attractions, you will also have uninhibited access to the pools, bars, and even some specials in venues like the Spa.

These are all great reasons why you should consider staying onboard your ship at one port of call during your next cruise.

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  1. Have you ever stayed onboard your cruise ship at a port of call?

  2. So True, sometimes we come back on board to grab something and it's definitely quieter.

  3. In matters of taste…..there can be no disputatious.

  4. I guess some folk will want to do this in the Caribbean, but I cruise to other interesting places where I want to see. E.g Baltic, S.America, The Med etc.

  5. I would rather do that anyway.

  6. We have stayed on the ship during port days and it is exactly as described. Only downside is that stores are closed. No problem since land-based shopping is usually within walking distance of ship.

  7. Ahhh, take this video down dude… you’re gonna ruin it for the ones that don’t get off now!!!! 😂

  8. The intro included a video clip of Nassau. On our next cruise I would prefer to do exactly that when at Nassau. I may go on shore briefly to shop and then return to the ship. I don't like the vibe of that port.

  9. Your vid is about 4 mins too long. Fewer people on the ship = …….wait for it……. fewer crowds to deal with. Gotta do better than this for a sub.

  10. Pretty much any ship is better than Nassau anyway

  11. What cruise line is your room showing with separate resting area?

  12. We’re cruising again in January and will likely stay on the ship at Cozumel. We’ve already seen Telum and I honestly have more fun, and am more relaxed on the ship just hanging by the pool. Plus this time we’ll have a balcony to rest on. All 7 reasons you gave are good reasons to stay on.

  13. Best cruise Channel in HISTORY!

  14. I tend to stay on board the ship in ports like Nassau where I've been so many times before. But I kind of feel now that I will definitely get off the ship there and try to either take a local tour or eat at a local restaurant or at least buy something locally to help support the economy so they in turn can try to rebuild after Hurricane Dorian

  15. When we go to Nassau next May we are staying on the ship. We have never done that and want to and Nassau does nothing for us. Going on Oasis to Cape Canaveral, Coco Cay and then Nassau. No thanks to Nassau.

  16. I am doing just this on my upcoming cruise. It's going to ports I've been to several times before.

  17. I will consider what you said, on this year's cruise


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