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What To Pack For A Cruise | Must Have Items

Hi Everyone! I get so many questions about cruising and what to pack for a cruise. My Husband and I are experienced cruisers and have taken over a dozen. Here I’ve gathered all of my cruise packing must-haves for you along with some optional items. I’ll also link all other cruise or packing related videos below. Thank you for watching!

My Travel & Packing Essentials:
Cruise Tips Playlist:
My Travel Agent:

Items Mentioned
Extra Power Strip:
Foldable Laundry Bags:
Bathroom Spray:
Sanitizing Wipes:
Day/Pool/Carry On Bag:
Travel Clock:
Document Holder:
Small Flashlight:
OTC Medications (mobile pharmacy)
Chair/Curtain/Towel Clips:
Ziplock Bags

Optional Items
Travel Corkscrew:
Travel Cup
Walkie Talkies (when traveling with a larger group)
Books I’m Reading on Goodreads:
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  1. I got room spray with me to use all over the room on day one

  2. Thank you for the super informative video! I missed the details on how you packed your two bottles of wine. Can you give me your tips? Thank you again!

  3. I use these for my documents:
    I like the size and really don't need the 3 holes for the binders. I believe it is a good price for 10 of then though you may not need ten of them. I have 8 vacations planned for 2019 & 2020; 2 cruises, 2 all inclusive dive vacations, 2 Hawaii trips (Big Island & Kauai) and two 2020 cruises. I will use the other 2 to put copies of important documents in and give to family members in case of emergencies or just for reference.

  4. did you take your own laundry detergent?

  5. Love your video’s! Very informative, And makes sense! Love All of your clothes!! My husband and I (married for 50 yrs) are going on RCCL, Symphony of the Seas 9/28. Can’t wait!!

  6. Good audio. So many have poor to inaudible audio. Very good content.

  7. Going on carnival end of November. Thank you

  8. Thank you for all the great videos and tips. Subscribed!

  9. Did anyone give you suggestions for document holder? Or have you found a replacement for the bright pencil holder?

  10. This will be our first cruise on carnival. Do not know what to expect. I have trouble walking with bad knee and hip. I will do my physical therepy everyday and do some on the ship.climbing steps is my hardest part. Hope all the elevators work. My are haveing our 50th wedding anniversary. We are not alchol drinkers. Give me some good ideas. Thanks and have a blest day

  11. Thank your these information very useful for me.

  12. Since the cruise ship walls are made of metal/steel, I take magnetic hooks plus a shoe bag. The hooks are great for holding papers on the walls plus hanging up extra items.

  13. Great info, and you are a living doll!

  14. Sephora has Josie Maran sunscreen! It is great & it's Reef Safe!!!

  15. Would love to know what clothing you pack for a 3 week cruise?

  16. I use an accordion folder every time I travel.

  17. Thank you. Great tips!

  18. Thank you so much !

  19. Even though I am late this is really helpful since I have nowhere to start so thanks! 😊 😊

  20. Is everything you listed legal for airlines?

  21. Removeable command hooks. Ziplock bags for almost everything. Duck tape to repair luggage if needed, make an extra “bag” for souvenirs or whatever won’t fit for trip home. Pen, pencil,sharpie. I have a copy of my friends passport and she has a copy of mine. Scarf or shawl. I put a sheet of bubble wrap in my suitcase (on bottom and on top)and use to wrap souvenir wine, olive oil or other breakable.

  22. Wow! I'm glad I ran across this video. We are going on our first cruise for our honeymoon next month. I'm trying to keep the cost down, so I find your suggestions very helpful. Do you have any updates?

  23. Good idea…i think I'll be getting me a clock.


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