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Heightened security as athletes arrive at Olympic Village in Rio – Daily Mail

Team USA’s basketball stars, all drawn from the NBA, are to stay on a luxury cruise liner moored at the Port of Rio instead of the athletes’ village. It is being heavily guarded by security. The Silver Stream (top left) has a normal capacity of up to 300 passengers, but will have a far more select group boarding Wednesday when the basketball players arrive with stars including Kyrie Irving, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ point guard (center). On board they can enjoy the pool and hot rub on deck bottom left), their own suites with extra-long beds (bottom right), and a spa, library and even a casino. The vessel is under tight security with a bulletproof glass screen around the dock (top right) and patrol vessels with armed police on the water (top left, foreground). They could have stayed in more modest surrounding in the athletes’ village, where rooms are shared , all relaxation areas are communal – and team bosses feared they would have been inundated with demands for autographs and selfies.

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