Mediterranean Cruises

DJ jobs on cruise ships – Get paid to travel

I’m DJ emotion from Traveling DJs. I’m always looking for people who have strong personality s. There are several ways to get in touch with me

Phone: (403) 605 7310



  1. Hey, Rob I think this is the right opportunity for me! which I was looking for.

  2. Hi Rob am 21 and been DJing for 5 years now with thousands of paid gigs under my belt. Just wondering where to look for DJ work on cruise ships. Google searches aren't turning up much. Thanks!

  3. Hey Rob hope your doing great. I respect you for thinking about other djs and offering your help. Not many djs do that. #Respect

  4. Hey Rob I really want to dj on cruise ships my passion is play music that the people love and and I like so see my clients enjoying them selfs I love music sins I was young. I am 24 know and every song I play these days I respect I love what I do and I evan want to do more and I want to Become one of the top dj’s in the world thank you for your videos and insperation it helps a lot speak soon

  5. Hi sir, i'm looking for a job on cruise ship. Plz help me out with your tips. (DJ Dhiraj)


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