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Accurate NORTH Television: Adventure-Cruise Places

Accurate North Adventure Cruises conducts experience-cruises all around the Australian coastline and in the spectacular waters of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

All cruises are exercise primarily based – prolonged durations at sea are specifically excluded and diligently crafted itineraries give final possibility to experience the place. Daily functions can include walks, fishing, snorkelling, diving, picnics, pure historical past, cultural gatherings and much more.

The Accurate NORTH is an Australian registered ship and is not demanded to exit territorial waters throughout Australian voyages – each and every working day on-board the Accurate NORTH is an exercise working day!

The Accurate NORTH is also function built to obtain wilderness – more substantial ships can not go where we go! Various expedition vessels just take company absent in small teams and, to include one more dimension to experience, most cruise choices attribute a ship’s helicopter. Guest figures are constrained to 36 and an Australian crew of twenty uniquely chaperones each and every experience in convenience and design.

Attendees consistently answer with “that’s the very best vacation I have ever experienced!”

Places include the Kimberley – a panorama of rugged mountains, impressive gorges and majestic waterfalls the intriguing islands of the Raja Ampat the whale sharks of Cenderawasih Bay the mighty Sepik River and, the seldom visited islands of the Louisiade Archipelago!


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