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Residing on a Cruise Ship Comprehensive Time, Royal Caribbean&#39s “Tremendous Mario” Portion 2

What is it genuinely like to reside on a cruise ship entire time? Meet “Tremendous Mario”, Royal Caribbean’s most faithful buyer. Mario Salcedo, lives on Royal Caribbean’s cruise ships completely and provides a incredibly fascinating insight into what his everyday living at sea is like! Get to know the male who statements to be, “the happiest guy in the environment” in this 3-element sequence!

📺Part one consists of getting to know Mario

📺Part 2, what everyday living is like at sea

📺Part three is recommendations for initial-time cruisers, and for these who want to know how to reside on a cruise ship, just like Tremendous Mario himself!

We are now back with Year TWO of residing everyday living at sea!
📺How to Prepare for Residing Life Comprehensive-Time on a Cruise Ship with Tremendous Mario

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  1. We are now back with season two of living life at sea!

    📺How to Prepare for Living Life Full-Time on a Cruise Ship with Super Mario

  2. So what does it cost each year to do this?

  3. What business does he run?

  4. Super, You are the cruise ship king of the world! There was Elves Presley, king of Rock & Row, Michael Jackson king of Pop, well. Super Mario, You. are the king of cruiseing. And I wish you the very best. God bless You.

  5. Great video Mario! Enjoy listening to his stories.

  6. 👍🏽

  7. Wonderful interview. I’ve had the opportunity to meet Super Mario two times on ships and he is so personable. Love learning from him and so fun. Keep the videos coming.

  8. Loved RC
    Liberty of the Seas ‼️
    Our 1st Cruise was Last Week…
    July 28 – August 4, 2019
    …. Sorry I missed ya Mario!!
    Yes the Crew is Amazing ‼️
    I love Ana & Nellie… Please tell them Hello 👋🏼
    I’d Love to Go Again SooN!

  9. Gee what a way to grow old, I, I mean young!

  10. Agree. Out of all classes of RCCL Vision is most relaxing. Sailed on Splendor long time ago and Grandeur for last two Christmas/NY. Loved solariums and relaxing cozy atmosphere!

  11. IT'S VERY ANNOYING having any music in the background while trying to listen to you and Mario!

  12. Can Super Mario show us a sample of what his spread sheet (trips) looks like?

  13. Earlier in other video Super Mario mention he has a travel agent (not for booking) but for back up, my question is Who/Which travel agent(s) does he use? id really like to know

  14. What royal Caribbean ships has super Mario been on I would love to know so if I can go on one day

  15. Love the way Mario talks, he should be in politics, we need some one with his mind…very good negotiator, like the man and I love Royal Car.

  16. Hello I love this, but can you make a video about the lifestyle of Mario interaction with a random people on the ship thanks

  17. He is such a lovely person! I hope we'll meet him on a cruise some day!

  18. You couldn’t pay me to live on a ship 🛳
    -No thanks

  19. This is awesome. What a life!! I am one of those "want to see the grandkids" people BUT, I would love to at least cruise around 3 months a year. That would be GREAT. Just had a quick question for Super Mario: Sir, have you found it beneficial to learn different languages and if so, how many languages do you know? I'm going on my very first cruise in October to the Mexican Riviera so I am brushing up on my Spanish but I'm thinking that it would be awesome to learn several languages if I eventually want to live the "forever" cruise life. Thx for the video; it was wonderful information.

  20. Reminds me of Joey Diaz

  21. Have you ever gotten seasick ?

  22. As Super Mario said at the end. "He doesn't ask for anything" That is the key right there. Be humble, be respectful and others will want to be around you and be part of your life. Too many are greedy and feel they're entitled, good luck with that!


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