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ROYAL CARIBBEAN Room Assistance Critique! (Specially Harmony Of the Seas)

Have you ever wondered what the space services food stuff was like on a crusie ship? we purchased a ton of food stuff on Royal Caribbeans Harmony of the Seas and this is my evaluation of the knowledge!

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  1. They charged me 7.95 plus a 20 percent service charge on that instead of me just giving a tip

  2. Solid vid, great stuff. I’ve never done room service on Royal because of the charge. Ironically, I’m a fan of Disney’s room service because it’s “free”…granted the cost of the cruise is much higher so there’s an obvious trade off lol…but I dunno the concept of free room service vs paid room service after you’ve paid for an all inclusive cruise is interesting to me! – Griff

  3. Omg

  4. Thumbs up!


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