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Royal Caribbean Ports – Skagen Denmark – Skagen Port – Cruise Ship Ports – West Coast Mountaineering Trails

Skagen Denmark Quickie – Scandinavian Cruise – Skagen Port – Royal Caribbean Ports – Cruise Ship Ports – West Coast Mountaineering Trails

Welcome to exactly where the Baltic meets the North Sea. A person of our cruise ports of contact on Royal Caribbeans Explorer of the Seas was Skagen Denmark. This is a quite little cruise port so we walked to town in fewer then fifteen minutes. I am not confident what to make of this cruise port as there is not a great deal to do or see. We walked via the little town which didnt appear to be prepared for the tourist sector, as there was no souvenir stores or anything seriously geared towards tourist. It was a quite attractive little town, but we observed it rapidly and headed back to the ship. I am not confident why cruise ships stop here, but they do. If there is a next time for me, I will remain on the ship and just take benefit of fewer passengers on the ship for a number of hrs.

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  9. Windy, blustery and rainy – you sure you had not docked in the UK lol! Good to see the weather did not stop your fun mind, cheers Alan


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