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Oceania Cruises Insignia Concierge Veranda Cabin : Could you cruise in this stateroom??

A tour and evaluate of Oceania Cruises Insignia Concierge Veranda Cabin. This was stateroom 7061 located midships on Deck seven. I share my thoughts and evaluate of the acbin, with moreover and negatives.

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  1. I just booked a cabin mere steps away from 7061 for a cruise this December. Having never sailed on the Insignia before, I didn't know what to expect. Thank you for your insight and thorough tour of the stateroom. Your video couldn't have been more helpful. Left a "like," became a new subscriber, and will be sending links to your videos to all my cruising friends and family.

  2. Very nice! No, I don’t think you were to picky – fastidious – fussy. All the comments were legitimate and correct. …And… and… do they provide proper sanitary hygiene implements and liquids for the toilet’s sanitation cleaning, by the way?.. Such equipment I could not spot in the cadres… What is crucially important and the hugest plus: they have Zero Coca Cola in the fridge!!! My standing ovation! Why I like to travel with this ship?.. It depends on the price, the travel route, and the seasons and, of course, on my budget and the time availability… But as the design and space concerned it looked quite sleek and comfy!

  3. I had one key issue with the cabin. was I being too picky and would you want to cruise in this cabin? let me know in the comments!


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