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8 matters I Ought to do on each Royal Caribbean cruise

Soon after a couple Royal Caribbean cruises, everybody appears to have their own “traditions” that we do on just about every and each sailing. These cruise patterns are component of what maintain us coming back yet again and yet again.

Below are a couple will have to-do matters that you just have to try on your upcoming cruise much too!

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  1. 1. I actually prefer to stay away from the Windjammer and we will usually start out at the Park Cafe/Cafe 270º on our cruises. Although, I will hit the Windjammer 2-3 times for lunch on most cruises.
    2. Never taken a night swim! I've sat out on the pool deck in the evening, but never got the urge to jump in. Might have to try that.
    3. I don't watch the shore excursion channel, but the map channel is my favorite channel and I'll announce that as soon as I put it on for the first time on a cruise.
    4. Love the live music, but I usually don't go to the pub. I do on occasion. But Schooner is more likely.
    5. Love sitting on the pool deck with a drink and listen to the pool band.
    6. Always read the Cruise Compass! It is exactly like the Cruise News!
    7. I try to do the Escape Room every time. But the most recent cruise on Anthem with the family, the line was insane on embarkation day. So we never made it in.
    8. I used to post pics while on a cruise. But not so much anymore. Security concerns.

  2. Never miss the "Love and Marriage Show"! Always fun! Also never miss Chops.

  3. I pretty much do all the same things except the night swim, I’ll have to do that this time. Also, ordering room service coffee & light breakfast every day to sit on the balcony in my jammies is the perfect start to my day.

  4. Can you actually get Chimay beer in the pub???? I've never seen it listed on any of the pub beer selection menu's. If so, that is a game changer for me!

  5. I also love the excursions channel and the map channel. I don't go to the Windjammer first thing anymore. Usually still stuffed from the hotel breakfast. My husband has seen afternoon nap on the pool deck while the band plays! I also love looking at all the art, especially the stairwells

  6. I avoid the Windjammer on embarkation day… way too crowded and never any seats. People act like they won't get to eat again for hours and hours.. guess what there is food 24 hours a day. Why rush and stress to get it?

  7. We sail tomorrow! First cruise!

  8. Take me there!!! Made me wish I was on a cruise right now!! Thanks Matt (said sarcastically). Jk jk lol. also the cruise compass is a MUCH better publication than the New York times. Don't insult the cruise compass by putting it in that category. Not jk

  9. I hate to admit this but something that I do a fair bit, is watching the where are we now channel. The one that shows the ship's position. Maybe its the reggae music on that channel, maybe its my curiosity of where in the world I currently am, but I just love that channel.

  10. I have Never bin But really want to Go. But We dont have a lot of Money…


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