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2019 Alaska Cruise Guide: Top Tips for Cruising Alaska

We thoroughly enjoyed our cruise to Alaska with our little JellyBean in May of 2019. If you follow these ten tips, you’ll likely enjoy your Alaskan cruise as much as we did!

Alaska Cruise Port Schedules by Cruise Line Agencies of Alaska:

1. (0:21) Balcony Not Required
2. (1:14) Research Before Booking
3. (1:46) Glacier Bay National Park
4. (2:28) Calmer Waters
5. (3:08) Pack a Sleep Mask
6. (3:39) Pack For All Seasons
7. (4:23) Budget For Excursions
8. (5:00) Ports on Your Own
9. (5:51) Add Scale to Your Photos
10. (6:23) Bring a Map

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  1. Wow – where did you get the shot of the eagles swooping in. That's awesome!

    Very helpful video!


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