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Bimini Day cruise from Miami – Part 3 of 3

In memory of the 1 and 2 day cruises that left from Port of Miami to Bimini Bahamas. This ship will not be sailing to the Bahamas any longer. We are all waiting for the new Ferry that will take us to Bimini. In the mean time, you can fly over and enjoy the Island of Bimini just call us at 954-969-0069 and we’ll get you there.
Destination: the Bahamas, Bimini to be exact.
Purpose: to cram as much fun or relaxation into 1 day, as humanly possible.
Call your boss, tell him you are exhausted and going to recoup for 1 day.
Don’t worry, you will be back to very next day to work, after cruising over to the tropical island of Bimini, Bahamas and relaxing or enjoying the beach life.


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