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9 Worst Cruise Packing Mistakes Cruisers Make !

What are the 9 worst cruise packing mistakes cruisers can (and Do) Make? I discuss the main things that cruise passengers get wrong when packing for their cruise vacation, along with watch-outs and things to be careful of based on where you are cruising to.

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  1. “If you have handcuffs…for whatever reason…” 😂

  2. Very interesting information. Some restrictions are obvious to me but others, like over the counter medication, not so much. The moral of the story is to not only understand the rules of the cruise ship, but also the countries. Thank you.

  3. I learnt my lesson this year on the Britannia I will pack some proper milk so I can get a decent cup of tea in our cabin However the Darjeeling Tea at Eric Lanyards was Delicious and I presume that was made with UHT milk

  4. Gary, I have been following you for some time now. I also follow others in your field. I just wanted to let you know that by far. That you are the most informative and up to date on cruising. Rather, it a river cruise, Carribean, Alaskan, Mediterranean and recently LGBTQ. Keep up the good work. 👍

  5. When it comes to the heating elements, what about an electric blanket? (my fiance gets cold very easy where as i stay in the sweaty category)

  6. I have always brought my hairdryer, straighteners, and curling irons.

  7. I will be going to the Maledives in a few weeks. As I had to prepare myself for their regulations, I would add to the medicine topic, if your prescription or doctors letter is not in English (or French?), you have to have it translated as well. It seems, the latin words are not sufficient. They want to understand most of the content on the customs without a doctor. This is just for those, who live in countries, with other languages, than those, that are acknowledged for international matters. I don't recall, if there was a statement, which languages are acceptable

  8. Many of these tips apply to international travel in general.

  9. I never start my packing with a stash!??? I always start with a .357 of course.

  10. What about a walking cane? I've attended seminars about using a walking care as a self defense weapon in martial arts training.

  11. I didn’t know that some cruise lines don’t let you bring on arthritis strength Tylenol…WOW! That’s what I take for pain. This video was very helpful…I can always bring a lower dosage and just take up to the equivalent of arthritis strength. Thanks Gary!

  12. That's me unpacking my shotgun and pistol now then….😂😂

  13. On the last Princess cruise we went on, they let us (my wife and I) bring a bottle of wine each back on at every stop. Worked well for us as we're not big drinkers.

  14. What about radio transmitters? Cruise lines specifically restrict ham radios. However, I don't know about walkie-talkies (CB or FRS, etc.)

  15. 1. LOL, thats soo me right there.. i just knew drugs was be the first way to get you into trouble.

  16. We learned a few things, so, great job, Gary!


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