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"Disney Wonder" • Sailing to Vancouver, Canada • Pacific Coast Cruise • May 20, 2012

Cruise Ship “Disney Wonder” Pacific Coast Cruise – Arrival in Vancouver, Canada and ‘Canadian Discovery’ City Tour:
See the exciting sights of Vancouver, a sophisticated, fun-loving city that celebrates the great outdoors, cherishes its history and diverse cultures, and was home to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Next, head to world-famous Stanley Park. The largest urban park in Canada, this spectacular spot in the heart of the city is actually a rainforest, teeming with wildlife, magnificent trees, and fragrant blossoms. Within the park are the West Coast Native Totem Poles, elaborately decorated with symbolic images and faces. Prospect Point and views of the Lions Gate Bridge.
Vancouver boasts one of North America’s oldest and largest Chinatowns and your tour takes you through its colorful streets. Chinese immigrants first arrived in the province of British Columbia during the Fraser Gold Rush in the 1850’s. Many were imported to build the railway tracks and then settled in the area. Through the “Millenium Gate” you will find a world that is still steeped in tradition and Chinese culture. Asian architecture can be seen around every corner and the alleys teem with restaurants, import shops and exotic delights.
Continue on to Vancouver’s Gastown, a refreshing mix of old and new with cobblestone streets, quaint courtyards and Victorian-style buildings. The district was named after prospector and riverboat captain John “Gassy Jack” Deighton, named for his “hot air” and tall tales. Legend has it that Gassy Jack stepped ashore in 1867 with a barrel of whiskey, surveyed the area and its lack of drinking establishments and told the local mill workers that if they would build him a saloon, he would serve the drinks. The saloon was up and running in less than a day and Gastown was born.


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