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Luxury All-inclusive Hotel Barge Cruises on the Beautiful Canals and Waterways of Europe. If you are thinking about barge holidays then you have come to the right place. Since 1974 we have specialised in creating luxury hotel barge holidays on some of the most beautiful waterways in Europe. The route of each of our barge cruises has been specially selected by us, so no matter where or when you cruise, we are sure to have the barge cruise for you.

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What is hotel barging?

Despite the growing popularity of cruising, especially on large river vessels, hotel barging is still a little known niche concept. Most hotel barges started life as cargo vessels but have since been painstakingly converted to offer luxury boutique accommodation for small groups of up to 20 passengers.

This is cruising, but in a very different style to ships plying the big rivers or oceans. The pace is slow, with a 6 day cruise covering maybe just 50 miles along a rural canal. Passengers can walk or bike the towpaths as their floating hotel glides gently along. Guests enjoy an intimate atmosphere, high levels of personal service and immersion into the culture, history and gastronomy of regions of Europe such as Burgundy, the Midi, or the Italian Veneto.

Every day there is an excursion, perhaps to a chateau, a vineyard for a wine tasting, or some other ‘off the beaten track’ location. About half of European Waterways’ bookings are for whole boat charters, ideal for families. Otherwise, clients book a cabin to join other like-minded people. A ‘slow boat’ European Waterways barge cruise offers the ultimate in experiential travel. A truly unique experience!

European Waterways offer luxury hotel barge cruises on the beautiful canals and rivers of Europe, such as through Burgundy, the Midi, Alsace, the Po Valley, Holland and the Scottish Highlands.
The exclusive collection of hotel barges accommodate up to 20 passengers who may charter a whole barge with family or friends, or join a small group of like-minded travellers on an individual cabin basis. Each barge is fully crewed with a Captain, chef, hostesses, deck-hand and tour guide.

The 6-night cruises include gourmet meals, fine wines, open bar, excursions and the use of facilities such as bicycles and spa pools.

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  1. i am sure it's almost if not more expensive than a full med cruise

  2. I love France !!!

  3. Luxury All-inclusive Hotel Barge Cruises on the Beautiful Canals and Waterways of Europe 

  4. I like to travel there, too, one day.

    I can slowly appreciate the Europe with diverse culture.

  5. I've done two barging vacations with European Waterways — one across the Highlands of Scotland and one in Burgundy — and want to say these guys are the best. Service, cuisine and daily excursions are as good as it gets. Cabins are small, as you would expect (a barge is not a cruise ship!), but no one spends time in their cabins except to sleep … too much to see, too many interesting people to chat with, and too many amazing meals to enjoy!

  6. Love to do this!!

  7. Love to do this!!

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