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MS Ocean Endeavour Cruise Ship Tour – Quark Expedition Ship

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MS Ocean Endeavor is a voyage transportation. She labored as Konstantin Simonov in the Baltic ocean from development, enduring a refit in 1988. From 1996 to 2001, the ship labored as Francesca in the Mediterranean ocean. Till 2010, the ship was possessed by Israeli Mano Cruise (soon after a refit in 2001) and labored in the japanese Mediterranean ocean less than the name The Iris, amid which time it was enrolled in Malta. The ship was refitted all over again and joined Kristina Cruises as Kristina Katarina in late 2010, assuming control as chief from the much littler Kristina Regina. On eight January 2014, the ship was bought and renamed Ocean Endeavor.

She is as of now staying labored in the northern summer months season on the east lender of Canada, Greenland and the Canadian Arctic and in the southern summer months season to Antarctica from Ushuaia by Adventure Canada a free of charge, family members-claimed endeavor voyage group from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

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