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Newfoundland Circumnavigation Expedition CRUISE! | Experience Canada

Sign up for me on this Experience Canada expedition cruise, circumnavigating Newfoundland Canada!

I was a visitor of Experience Canada for this cruise in October 2019. What a excursion!
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And for my produce-up of the encounter, together with a ton of cultural insight into Newfoundland (which is kind of like its own country), go through this:

Experience Canada is the major expedition cruise enterprise for the Arctic, but they also sail in Atlantic Canada, the Pacific Northwest, Europe, both of those polar locations, and even Central/South America.
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  1. I have a story about you in my english book!I think you are absolutely a genius!

  2. hey! good to see what you're up to! I hope its going well! Have fun!

  3. I am sooo envious of you. That trip was on my bucket list but sadly I’m now in an assisted living facility so can’t manage to travel. Thnx muchly for sharing my mother’s province with the Internet!
    (Side note: I especially appreciate you pronouncing the name of the island province as I was taught by my mother and all her family..!! 🙂)

  4. I've sailed around the Maritimes a few times and always loved it – both for its beauty and the nature of its people. Did you get to kiss a cod and get Screeched in?

  5. Glad to see you back really missed your videos

  6. Am planning to work till 35 and then sell everything I own and save up enough money to travel the world.

  7. This would have been fabulous..I lived in nl for 11 yrs…and there's so much I didn't see..rugged beauty


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