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New Year's Eve 2020 celebrations and fireworks around the world

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Key timings:
1100GMT: Auckland, New Zealand
1300GMT: Sydney, Australia
1500GMT: Pyongyang, North Korea and Seoul, South Korea
1600GMT: Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan
1830GMT: Bangalore, India
1900GMT: Islamabad, Pakistan
2000GMT: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2100GMT: Moscow, Russia
2200GMT: Athens, Greece; Cape Town, South Africa; Beirut, Lebanon
2300GMT: Paris, France
2300GMT: Berlin, Germany
2345GMT: Edinburgh, UK
0000GMT: London, UK
0200GMT: Rio, Brazil
0500GMT: New York, USA
0600GMT: Mexico City, Mexico

Top New Years Eve Celebrations & New Years Fireworks

Sydney, Australia – Harbour Of Light Parade & Fireworks
Edinburgh, Scotland – Street Dance, Concerts, & Fireworks
New York, United States – Times Square Ball Drop , Pyrotechnic Light Shows & Concerts
Berlin, Germany – Street Parties, Food & Magic Shows
Paris, France – Fireworks At Eiffel & Cruise Parties
London, England – Royal Parades & Fireworks
Hawaii, Pacific US – Outdoor Music Concerts & Cruises
Miami, Florida – Dance-a-Thons & Music
Las Vegas, Nevada – Street Parties, Drinks & Fireworks
Bahamas – Parades, Masquerades & Fireworks
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Wildest Nye Party At Copacabana Beach
Hong Kong, China – A Dragon Firework Show
Amsterdam, Netherlands – Lit Street Parties & Fireworks
Bangkok, Thailand – Night-long Parties & Fireworks
Cape Town, South Africa – Victoria Falls New Year’s Carnival
Valparaíso, Chile – A Vivid 20-minute Firework Show
Madrid, Spain – Traditional ‘Twelve Grapes’ New Year
Dubai, UAE – Fountain Shows & Fireworks Over Burj
St. Petersburg, Russia – Fireworks Over Newa River
Vienna, Austria – Sophisticated Galas & Parties In Trains
Bratislava, Slovakia – Open-air Dance Parties & Fireworks
Reykjavik, Iceland – Concerts & Shows At Reykjavik Theatre
New Orleans, Louisiana – Live Concerts & Parties
Moscow, Russia – Biggest Display Of Fireworks
Tokyo, Japan – Fireworks & Parties At Yokohama
Athens, Greece – Vintage Style NYE Celebration
Venice, Italy – Live Performances At St Mark’s Square
Denpasar, Bali – Tet Festival
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Traditional Parades & Dance

New York at Happy New Year Countdown 2020
Paris New Year Eve 2020
Happy New Year Countdown in Dubai
New Years Eve Beijing 2020
London New Year Eve 2020
Australia brings in 2020 with spectacular firework display from Sydney Harbour
Moscow Russia New Year 2020 Countdown



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