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Xcaret Park In Playa Del Carmen (Cozumel) Mexico | Carnival Cruise 2018 | VLOG 008

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I wanted to do something different for my Birthday this year, and after going on a cruise for the first time last April, and really enjoying it, I decided to to take a cruise again this April, but I planned it so my Birthday would actually take place while on the cruise. I learned last year that cruises depart out of Galveston, TX. This is only about 1 hour south of Houston, TX, which is where I live, so it couldn’t be any more convenient. After a good experience with Carnival Cruise Lines last year, I decided to book it with Carnival again, but this time I decided to try out the Carnival Breeze since I had already tried the Carnival Freedom last year.

Our first of three destinations was Cozumel, Mexico! Since I visited Cozumel on last years cruise as well, I wanted to make sure I tried a different Excursion this time around. So after chatting back and forth with my friend Nikki that was going with me, we settled on Xcaret Park in Playa Del Carmen. I wanted to try this place out because there were so many activities available to do! As it turns out, you need much more than a single day to accomplish all the available activities at Xcaret Park. The map of the park has over 60 different activities and as you can see in this video, we only had enough time to do about 5 of them over a span of about 6-7 hours. I definitely would love to go back sometime, and now that I know how the park operates, I’d like to take more cameras so I can shoot an even better video than I did this time around.

If you want to know more about this park, you can visit their website However, if you’re planning to visit Xcaret Park while on a cruise, I would suggest booking it through the cruise line to make sure the timeframes coincide with the timing of the ship arriving and departing from the port.

If you’d like to know what cameras I used to shoot this with, for the intro and outro, the time lapse was shot with my Sony X3000. The first half of the video was all shot on my cell phone, the Google Pixel XL 2. (Google, I’m planning to shoot a lot more videos with this phone, so if you’re looking to sponsor anyone, I’m interested 🙂 For the second half of the video, where we were swimming the river, Nikki was shooting with my GoPro Hero 4 Black and I was shooting with the GoPro Hero 5 Black. Shoutout to Nikki for being willing to tote a camera around for much of this trip, I actually used more of her river footage than my own.

Below is a list of all the equipment that was used to film this video or featured in it:

Google Pixel XL 2 –
GoPro Hero 4 Black –
GoPro Hero 5 Black –
GoPro The Handler –
Sony X3000 –
Manfrotto Mini Tripod –
ZBRO Waterproof Dry Bag –
xylxyl Water Shoes –

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  1. You've got questions and I've got answers… hopefully, haha. Seriously though, if there's anything you'd like to know about the port, this excursion, Carnival cruises or even any of the gear I used to make this video, feel free to ask, and I'll do my best to answer.

  2. would you say its the best excursion for a cozumel cruise ship stop? Still trying to decide whether to do this or catamaran snorkel

  3. Thanks for the video this will be our Cozumel excursion. I’m super excited. It looks beautiful.

  4. Is it a long walk to the river or beach area? Im wondering if someone with slight mobility issues could enjoy this excursion. Thanks!

  5. Is there opportune chance to skip the river & the guide & do our complete own thing? & did you take that specific river because of recommendations or how does the river part work? Is it worth it just to sightsee?? Is there a separate charge for the butterfly exhibit? I’ve been reading so many complaints, is it because it really isn’t worth it or do people just not have patience? Trying to treat my mom to some good excursions for her bday on our carnival cruise!

  6. Did you see any kids on the river? And do you have to know how to swim? Please I have upcoming cruise in Nov.

  7. Xcaret was such an amazing place. I wish I could have spent more days there. The last show of the day In the park was awesone , rich in culture

  8. Melvin – quick question. You were on a carnival cruise – did you feel like you had enough time? How long were you docked in Cozumel? Last time we did Xcaret we were docked for 14 hours and had a great time. This time we are only here for 7 hours and I am worried that with transportation time we will not have enough time in the park to be worth it. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

  9. Will in staying at the Occidental at Xcaret this October. What resolution did you film with on the Gropro? Did you carry extra batteries? Thnx.

  10. Thx for sharing Ive enjoyed a lot love Mexico and history and kindness 😉😎❗️👍


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